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Midea's kitchen appliance intelligent manufacturing successfully entered the "national level" pilot project

release time:2019-09-27

On September 14, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially announced the shortlist of the 2017 China Smart Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Project. A total of 98 innovative companies from all over the country and from different industries were on the list. Among them, the US microwave oven project of kitchen appliances is impressively listed. It is one of the few shortlisted projects in the traditional home appliance manufacturing industry. It is the only kitchen appliance company that stands proudly on the list, further highlighting the position of Midea microwave oven in the industry. It is reported that this national-level intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project was officially launched in 2015, and the action plan of "Made in China 2025" came into being. It has been carried out until the third round, not only the number of finalists but also the number of finalists. More, the review and inspection work is more rigorous and standardized, and it is implemented in strict accordance with the requirements of the Intelligent Manufacturing Development Plan (2016-2020) and the Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering Implementation Guide (2016-2020). An important starting point for manufacturing, transformation and upgrading. Take the selected US microwave oven project as an example. It has been declared since May, and has passed through the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Provincial Communications Administration, the Provincial Economic and Information Committee, and the expert group. It has successfully entered the National 2017 Smart Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration. After the scope of the project evaluation, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also organized a special evaluation team. On July 19, the company visited the kitchen and electric appliance business department of the United States, and conducted on-site inspection and key confirmation. On the same day, the judging expert group was personally led by the Director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Mr. Lin Xiao, focusing on the production site of Malong Industrial Park, the EMS system of the microwave company's sheet metal branch, the assembly line PQC system, the RFID line of the electrical branch factory, and the finished products of Japan and South Korea. Palletizing and mixing sorting lines and finished goods warehouses. In the end, it gave a consistent affirmation and high recognition to the implementation and planning of the US microwave oven intelligent manufacturing project.   It should also be noted that this year's pilot demonstration content has been further upgraded. The US microwave oven is not only a pilot demonstration project for smart manufacturing, but also a pilot demonstration project for industrial Internet applications. This means that Midea's microwave ovens not only meet stringent standards in hard power such as intelligent equipment, lean production, and technological transformation, but also in the interconnection and interoperability of industrial chains and supply chains, and in the architecture and application of industrial big data. Have a positive performance. As the person in charge of kitchen appliances in the United States has said before, smart manufacturing is by no means a "machine generation" or even a "several robotic arm", but a system based on the deep integration of the Internet and the Internet of Things. And the flow of products. “Taking the US microwave oven smart manufacturing project as an example, in order to achieve seamless integration of data flow and product flow, we have at least used ten key technologies including big data management, 3D printing, G-APS, etc.” .   It can be said that this successful entry into the 2017 smart manufacturing pilot demonstration project is a deserved name for the US microwave oven project, and it is also a success for the US kitchen and electric power division to make a strong contribution to the intelligent transformation and seize the industry's first-mover advantage. miniature. In the future, in the strategic map of the US kitchen appliances, a “garden-style” smart factory based on the Internet + Internet of Things will be established to further extend and replicate the potential of this independent innovation from microwave ovens to other product categories. And continue to contribute to the country's smart manufacturing 2025 strategy to contribute to the strength of the industry's leading enterprises.


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