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Gree electric appliance plus code intelligent equipment to participate in Luoyang bearing mixed change | Gree Electric | smart equipment | new energy _ Sina Finance_Sina.com

release time:2019-09-27

For Zhuhai Gree Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Gree Electric Appliances, 000651.SZ), it is not willing to be only a "home appliance giant", and intelligent equipment has become a new direction for its overweight. Recently, Gree Electric signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the Henan Provincial Industry and Information Technology Committee and Luoyang Municipal Government, and will jointly build the Luoyang Independent Innovation Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Base Project in China, including the Central Plains Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Research Institute and the public service platform, and Within five years, it has formed its own brands including robots, intelligent machine tools, precision molds and small appliances. The project covers an area of ??about 5,000 mu, with a total investment of about 15 billion yuan. It is planned once and implemented in phases. The annual output value after the completion of the project is expected to exceed 30 billion yuan. In addition, Gree Electric will participate in the reform of the mixed ownership system of Luoyang LYC Bearing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Luoyang Bearing), a subsidiary of Henan Province. Luoyang Bearing was founded in 1954, and its predecessor was the 156 key construction projects during the “First Five-Year Plan” period – Luoyang Bearing Factory. The company is currently one of the largest bearing manufacturers in the domestic bearing industry with the largest production capacity and the strongest supporting service capability. It still maintains the record of China bearing industry with the highest bearing precision, the most complicated structure and the largest external dimensions. On the evening of September 18, Gree Electric announced that it did participate in the reform of mixed ownership of Luoyang Bearings. Gree Electric has only taken the lead in this intelligent manufacturing project. The entire investment is not only completed by Gree Electric, and the project is currently in the planning stage. This is the second time that Luoyang City has received Dong Mingzhu’s “big order” this year. On August 8, Luoyang City and Zhuhai Yinlong New Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhuhai Yinlong) signed a framework agreement to jointly build a city-integrated industrial park with a total investment of 15 billion yuan. The industrial park plans to achieve an annual output of 10,000 pure electric commercial vehicles, an annual output of 5,000 pure electric special-purpose vehicles, an annual output of 5,000 new energy sanitation vehicles, as well as new energy pickup trucks, pure electric agricultural machinery and other new energy vehicles. At the end of last year, after Gree Electric's proposal to acquire Zhuhai Yinlong was rejected by the shareholders' meeting, Dong Limzhu, chairman and president of Gree Electric Appliances, increased the capital of the new energy company in his personal capacity. Zhuhai Yinlong was established in 2009. Its main business is lithium battery material supply, research and development, production and sales as the core, and extends to electric vehicle powertrain. At present, Dong Mingzhu holds the position of 17.46% of the shares holding the second largest shareholder of Zhuhai Yinlong and serves as the director and honorary chairman of the company. It remains to be seen whether Gree Electric will have synergies between the two smart equipment projects in Luoyang and the new energy vehicle projects. In recent years, Gree Electric has been moving around the layout of smart equipment. Dong Mingzhu has previously revealed that Gree's intelligent equipment has been producing more than 5,500 sets of automation equipment since its inception in 2013, with an accumulated output value of more than 2 billion yuan. The company has set up four R&D and production bases in Zhuhai and Wuhan. The products have covered more than 10 fields such as servo manipulators, industrial robots and CNC machine tools. In the first half of this year, Gree Electric achieved revenue of 69.185 billion yuan, an increase of 40.67% over the same period of last year; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 9.452 billion yuan, an increase of 47.64%. Although the performance of Gree Electric Appliances is not bad, but the growth rate of Midea Group's air-conditioning business is relatively high, the industry has a view that Gree "the status of air-conditioning boss is not guaranteed." At the same time, Gree Electric's intelligent equipment business generated revenue of 962 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of more than 27 times, becoming the third largest business after air-conditioning business and life electrical business.


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